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boots cleaning

This page describes the cleaning process for washing leather boots. Please use this as a reference.

Among all leather products, boots and shoes tend to get dirty easily. Because it comes into contact with the ground easily, dirt can easily become noticeable due to dust. Furthermore, in the summer, the temperature inside leather shoes can reach around 45 degrees Celsius and the humidity can reach 90%.

If this condition continues for a long time, bacteria will grow, which can lead to not only bad smells but also skin diseases. Ref Leather also cleans boots and gloves using the same method as cleaning leather jackets. In addition to deodorizing and disinfecting by washing, you can also restore the tension to worn-out leather boots.

cleaning process


Washing with water

Similar to leather jackets, the boots are washed after being inspected in advance, using four separate sinks for each process.

In the first sink, wash with water and use a brush to remove large dirt from the soles and other areas.


Main washing with special soap

In the second sink, soak in an aqueous solution containing a color fixing agent. Main washing in the third sink where "special soap" is mixed.

Thoroughly wash the inside of the boots, including the toes, changing the brush depending on the shape of the boots.


Nutrition Supply

In the fourth sink, the leather is soaked in a solution containing a conditioner for several minutes to thoroughly nourish the leather inside and out.


towel dry

After soaking in the conditioner, remove the moisture with an absorbent towel to avoid damaging the outer leather by rubbing. By doing this properly, you can shorten the drying time.

While towel drying, before the shoes are completely dry, use a shoe keeper to shape them to prevent them from losing their shape.



Dry thoroughly in a shaded area with good ventilation.

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