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Leather jacket making for motorcycle riders

Through manufacturing, we at Kadoya are working hard every day so that everyone can spend their motorcycle life comfortably and safely. Pursuit of safety "Riding a motorcycle...

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Sustainable service for long-term use

KADOYA provides product repair service and leather product cleaning service so that you can use it for a long time after purchase. Repair know-how cultivated since our founding S...

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革を扱うということ - 環境への取り組み

Dealing with leather - commitment to the environment

Most of our products are made from leather. Needless to say, leather products can be made from the lives of various animals, including cows. As long as resources are animals, we always app...

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About Kadoya

“Provide motorcycle riders only with “true value” that has cleared strict standards”
This is KADOYA's motto and proud identity.
In addition to full-order products, which are rare in Japan, we have strategically responded to diversifying needs in recent years and have a wide range of high-quality products from basic to extremely hard lines.