Repair & custom 05

Third-party leather coat. If you put your arms forward, the sleeves will go up.

It seems to be a very common sleeve attachment that is not a problem in daily activities, but it is still stressful in the riding position where you keep the same posture. Therefore, it became a custom to increase the amount of space.

In order to make it easier to raise your arms, it is important to supplement the amount of exercise from the shoulder blades, the back side, the armpits to the sleeves.

It's effective to just put a gusset under the armpit, but in this case, the lack of exercise is 15 cm, so I decided to switch the back armpit and add action pleats.

Distribute the necessary amount of space for each part and sew it into the main body.

Even when laid flat, the sleeves are more open than before the customization. This makes it easier to move around.

Action pleats are one of the effective ways to add room without compromising the original silhouette. Custom effects in terms of both function and design can also change the appearance of the product.

How does your bike feel when you wear this coat?

The feeling of running should be "raised", so...