Repair & custom 06

Jacket part of a separate racing suit.

The name tag sewn into the lining was used as a custom-made product until the 1980s.
After 30 years, it became a custom so that the jacket can be worn alone.

The position of the racing suit jacket and pants is slightly above the hip bone. Therefore, the length of the jacket is short.

Therefore, the zip that connects the pants is removed from the hem, and the length is extended by adding a belt switch so that the side line is also connected.

Leave the front zip as it is, and fasten the front of the hem with dot buttons.

A 5cm slit is added to the side to give flexibility to the hemline in the riding position.

In the space on the back that has been widened by the length out, Lightning Inazuma. A pattern that expresses the feelings of that time?

Rather, this is another person's sense.

The letters and initials on the back have been changed from "T" to "M"...

A moment handed down from father to son.