Repair & custom 04

This time, we would like to introduce a repair custom requested by Mr. K, a regular customer of the Osaka store.

Mr. K this time

About 10 years ago, I received an order for a jacket that caught my attention not long after the Osaka store opened.

Since then, we have repeatedly changed the specifications due to the repair custom that has been used for a long time.

This time as well, the head of the Osaka store, Urano, who sensed the severe content, once again appointed Mr. Ichijima, who has been involved in sewing with a thorough understanding of Mr. K's purpose of use and requests from the beginning of the first order to the present custom. bottom.

In January 2012, I helped out with the winter bargain sale at the Osaka store, and was able to meet Mr. K again for the first time in a year.

Here is another custom-made jacket that was worn when the requested jacket was brought in.

Mr. K, who has a quiet and polite way of speaking and a warm personality, was simply a masterpiece for the purpose of use, the frequency of use, and the tremendous power of the leather jacket he actually wore.

The hardest and heaviest 1.8mm thick steering wheel in the HF series has been worn almost every day as an inner layer, even during work. It was the content of the pursuit of.

Size, fit, strength, design, etc. Mr. K always has a clear image of his lifestyle.