Order made 95

He is a regular customer of the head office, which appeared three times in last year's blog (custom order 70, 79, 83).

I would like to introduce the made-to-order jacket ordered by Mr. S.

This time Mr. S chose based on the ready-made size of the HF lineup model AW-P VS.

Custom jacket using goatskin.

This time, I was not able to participate in the production, but the police type using soft goatskin

I had never seen a riders jacket before, so I was looking forward to the finish.

Perhaps because I have seen the specifications that Mr. S has liked so far, I am not so surprised.

As I thought. The selection of leather and metal parts, including the color scheme, is also exquisite.

The tanned leather police belt that is standard equipment on the AW-P has been eliminated, and it has been changed to a detachable mouton collar boa.

It is finished in a jacket that gives off a presence while maintaining a calm atmosphere.

He likes motorcycles and leather jackets, and has a lot of vintage jackets that he owns.

Mr. S who can continue to order. Last year alone, there were four.

Thank you for taking the time to place your order.

At the same time, he is a very intriguing person.

Well, the bargain at Kadoya, which is held twice a year, ended successfully the other day.

On this day, all the employees will come out, and some craftsmen who usually do not have the opportunity to contact customers directly

I'm going to stand in the shop while I'm in the middle of the day.

the first day. By chance, I was able to meet Mr. S for the first time.

Starting with greetings, I wanted to ask you something

We are currently considering a custom-made concept, etc. We will talk about many things.

It was a very precious time for me.


I requested it from here, and the next day I wore AW-P and rushed over.

I am very sorry...

That said, the appearance of the person wearing it is more convincing than anything else.

In such a way, when I noticed The staff were curious about Mr. S's bike.

“Everyone really likes leather jackets and motorcycles,” says Ms. S happily.

We talked about many things on this day as well, but the one that left a strong impression on me was

This smile never ceased.

We are looking forward to seeing you again comfortably.

thank you very much! !