Order made 94

This was ordered by Mr. K, who is a regular customer of the head office.

bespoke jacket.

Based on the ready-made size of MERIDEN TROPHY MODEL-0

I do some customizing.

The leather has been changed from vintage steer black to glory navy.

It is characterized by a glossy silver surface without wrinkles.

This leather is highly resistant to sunlight thanks to its highly pigmented finish.

Sewing thread and ZIP tape color are the same navy as the main body.

Black nickel and Dahl for metal parts.

Other changes are

- Eliminates the chest switch and eliminates hidden buttons at the hem. The ZIP end is 2 cm from the hem.

- Black twill lining. Single bead zip type inner pockets are placed on the left and right.

・And the adjustable belt is stored behind the collar.

By the way, except for the material and color changes, these specifications are the same as the previous jacket.

This time I was involved in the production for the first time, but K-sama's order using this specification

Although there are some changes, this is the 5th time.

If they like something, they will buy it in a different color.

However, it is expensive, and there is probably no one other than Mr. K who owns such a large number of clothes...

You can tell that he has a strong passion for TROPHY and really likes leather jackets.

Items received at the time of this order and delivery

I would also like to thank you.


・Leather/Glory Navy
・Lining / super hard twill black
・ZIP/YKK No.8 No.5 black nickel
・ Dealer / Kadoya Tokyo Main Store