Order made 89

This is a made-to-order jacket for Mr. O who ordered it at the Nagoya store.

Based on the ready-made size of AW-1 VS , we have made some customizations.

The changes are as follows.

① Minus the sleeve length

② Lining from black to red

③ The back hem is stretched to give it a slightly rounded shape.

This is to prevent your lower back from being exposed when you lean forward while riding a motorcycle.

Also, if you simply extend the length, the waist belt buckle will fit into the tank.

Specifications to avoid hitting.

④The waist belt is detachable and a belt loop is added to the back hem.

Now, let's think about that waist belt for a second...

It is one of the details that symbolize American type double riders.

Adjustable around the hem. By holding the waist

It helps to distribute the weight on your shoulders.

However, from time to time I see repair requests to eliminate the belt.

There is a fear that the buckle will damage the tank of the motorcycle

When I open the front and wear it, I am worried about the buckle hanging down.

is the reason.

If so, is it an unnecessary part? Some people may think so.

However, it is also the shape that people imagine the most, and it is an unchanging popular classic.

Double rider jacket.

In addition, not only bikers, but also fashion icons such as musicians

It also exists.

With epaulettes and coin pockets, it asserts a strong personality that is just like a rider's suit.

The waist belt is one of the indispensable parts.

In that case, it is one of the functions that I would like to keep even if it is not so necessary

For those who think, a removable belt that can be used properly is effective.

I personally like it very much.

By shifting the position of the buckle from the center, it is also possible to avoid contact with the tank.

It will be possible.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order specs
・Leather/vintage steer black
・Lining / Super Hard Twill Red
・ZIP/YKK No.7 10
・ Dealer / Kadoya Nagoya store