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Article: Order made 88

Order made 88

Order made 88

I received an order from Mr. S, a regular customer of the Osaka store.
Introducing custom made jackets.

From a basic double-breasted jacket
Tastefully arranged.

Dot buttons, ZIP, buckles, etc. are unified with antique silver,
The front zip is designed to open from the hem, which is called reverse opening.

Choose color tape for sleeve zip.
With red that goes well with black,
Make your presence stand out.

And from the shoulder yoke, sleeve shoulder, elbow to forearm,
A lattice design pad sandwiching a low-resilience sponge is sewn,
Claim your motorcycle jacket.

Decorative stitch Keep one side of the grid to about 1 inch,
Beautiful shadows like tiles
It is a pad that also serves as a design.

Hidden ZIP ventilation installed on the back side

Cover the mouth with red mesh fabric so as not to block ventilation.
When the zip is open, this red color will be an accent.

I can feel Mr. S's "leather jacket" here and there
It is the first place that is COOL.

Thank you for your order.

This fall, enjoy a motorcycle with this jacket.
I hope you enjoy it.

Made-to-order specs/original double jacket

leather/vintage steer black
Lining: polyester satin Bordeaux
ZIP/YKK antique silver No10 No5
button/black nickel
Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store