Order made 79

This is a made-to-order jacket ordered by Mr. S at the head office.

Continuing from the AS-1 VS introduced three months ago

This time, based on the ready-made size of AS-2 VS , various parts and leather materials have been changed.

The leather has been changed from vintage steer to goatskin black.

Last time, we used matte black Minkle leather, which has a tasteful look, and

The combination of AS-1 was exquisite. ( Made to order 70 )

And this time, in addition to the unique expression and softness as well

Goatskin that is lightweight yet has firmness and elasticity

It naturally blends into the authentic single jacket AS-2.

Tasteful ZIP series using cotton tape "YKK Old American"

The combination using brass parts is a vintage single rider as well as last time

It creates an atmosphere reminiscent of

The stitching also has the feel of cotton thread, and uses core No. 6 thread with a vintage feel.

The color is dark brown.

The back side uses black polyester thread No. 8.

Including the navy that I chose for the lining, there is also a combination of a calm atmosphere.

I am getting used to it.

Regarding the changes in the design, the ZIP equipped in the waist pocket and

Eliminates breast pockets.

Continuing from the last time, I have felt this time as well.

A sense of subtraction that strips away and selects minimal features.

For someone like me, who tends to just do additions, I would definitely like to learn from him.

Also, I really like riders jackets and have a lot of vintage jackets.

You can see the commitment unique to Mr. S who owns it everywhere.

And when that jacket was let go, I bought a Head Factory jacket.

Our staff will ask you if you have placed an order.

Head down.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order specs
・Leather/HF Goat Black
・Lining / super hard twill navy
・ZIP/YKK No.10 No.5 Old American Gold
・Buckle ・Eyelet/Brass
・ Dealer / Kadoya Tokyo Main Store