Order made 80

At the request of Mr. M, a customer of the Osaka store, I made an order jacket based on AS-P.

Caramel pads on shoulders and elbows,
Added zip pocket on chest.

Place a gusset that doubles as a ventilation hole under the armpit,

Change the waist to a zip opening and closing type gusset.

The waist of the ready-made AS-P is laced up using leather straps, making it possible to adjust the size of the waist.
In the case of the ZIP opening and closing type like this time, it is either "open" or "closed", so it is not intended for delicate size adjustment, but instead it can instantly correspond to the sitting posture.

All metal parts such as dot buttons are unified in matte black, giving a rugged impression.

On the other hand, the inside is twill navy, and this contrast is irresistible.

The width of the waist band from the front to the back has been redesigned to be slightly narrower and thinner than the existing products, giving the whole a smart atmosphere.

Thank you for waiting.

Summer has just started, but I hope that this jacket will make you look forward to the arrival of autumn more than ever.

thank you very much!

・Made-to-order spec / AS-P VS

・Leather / Vintage Steer ・Black
・Lining / Super hard twill quilting ・Navy
・ZIP / No10・No7・No5・Black