Order made 78

This time, we would like to introduce a wallet holster designed by Mr. K of the Sendai store.

A tool for hanging from a belt and storing a long wallet.

We incorporate data such as the width and thickness of the customer's favorite belt and the size of the wallet into the design.

KADOYA metal plate with grid stitching is standard for K.

When installed,

This is what happens.

Mr. K. It's been a while. This is Ichijima, who I met at the face mask discussion before.

This time, I was in charge of production.

Thank you for always listening to our suggestions.

Although it is an exchange through the store staff, I am enjoying the manufacturing from the beginning.

Custom-made jacket, shoulder bag,

And a katana on the 6-row buckle of the wallet holster.

It's sharp, isn't it?

Thank you very much!

・Made-to-order specs/original wallet holster

・Leather/matte steer
・ Dealer / KADOYA Sendai store