Order made 75

These are made-to-order pants by Mr. Sto, a regular customer of the Sendai store.

Based on the model TCS-PANTS with knee pads and shirring in a standard silhouette.

Minkle matte black leather is used.

There are some changes in the design, and Mr. S Fuji's insistence is here and there.

The front pocket has been eliminated, and a pad of the same specification as DIFFUSION PANTS-B has been added to the side of the waist.
A shock absorbing sponge is sandwiched between them.

Below the knee is a sensor base for attaching a bank sensor.

The plastic cups built into the knees are detachable with Velcro that allows fine adjustment of the position.

Equipped with a ZIP openable air intake on the thigh.

The hem uses a large zip similar to TCS-PANTS, so it can be worn easily even with boots.

The hook that fastens the hem, which cannot be seen unless rolled up, is engraved with Kadoya, just like the ready-made item.

There is a shirring function behind the waist to compensate for the amount of momentum when leaning forward.

Below that is a zip closure pocket that straddles the pad.

Furthermore, under the right pocket, there is something that can be called Sto's trademark...

A leather plate branded by Head Factory and a patch brought in.

A very impressive back view.

The leather plate has red stitching on the frame of the Rising Sun.

Coincidentally, even the custom-made EARLY-SPRINTER that we delivered last January
I was involved in the production.

At that time, I still have the blue flame emblem attached.
If I'm not mistaken, half of the flame is peeking out from the breast pocket...

I would appreciate it if someday I could know the episode related to the flame.

Thank you for your order.

Also, let me see how she wears it and straddles her beloved ZX9R.
Thank you again.

Made-to-order specs
・Leather/Mincle matte black
・Lining / polyester mesh black
・ZIP/YKK No.7 No.10 Nickel
・ Dealer / Kadoya Sendai store