Order Made 76

Thick (1.8mm) matte steer

Matt black body
Thick thread is sewn into the wild.

This time, I received it from Mr. K, a regular customer of the Osaka store.
Introducing the order jacket.

The order is based on
It is [ K'S LEATHER 50'S JAC ].
The original is supple and familiar to the body from the beginning of wearing.
Although it is a jacket characterized by [easy to wear]
What Mr. K referred to was only the design.
Order specifications conflict with the original jacket
It is robust, rugged, and hard content.

The thick matte steer is also called hard steer in the factory.
It's not a leather that fits in easily from the beginning.
For many years, the aging of the jacket worn patiently like fighting
The sharpness of the wrinkles is very beautiful and worth growing.

The hand warmer pocket is a single bead specification.
The double stitching that sews the sacking of the pocket
I show an effect as an accent of the design.

Pocket sacking is usually made of fabric such as cotton.
The specifications of this jacket are
The bag is composed of the same leather as the main body.
Robustness is pursued.

Wind flap visible when zip is opened

Do not interfere with forward bending movement
Normally, we make parts while paying attention to the thickness of the leather.
Mr. K
Whether the leather is thick, hard or bulky,

Again, it's going to be rugged!

The cuffs are simple cuffs that eliminate zips and gussets.

The shape of the rear collar
Mr. K's original commitment point
The radius is aligned with the shape of the switching yoke on the back.

From Mr. K
Last time, we received an order for a rugged jacket using the same leather.
We are familiar with the charm of rugged jackets.

We craftsmen usually
Partially reduce the thickness of the leather to an appropriate thickness
I pay attention to the balance between ease of work, finish, and ease of wearing.
The contents of this order are to embody the ruggedness
Because it was a customer's request to keep the original thickness as much as possible.
The needle movement pitch of the sewing machine is also widened to the maximum, and thick thread is sewn one stitch at a time.
Almost every process during the work was a constant struggle. . .
However, secretly, the sense of accomplishment after finishing is also exceptional.

Because it is a hard order that is rarely received throughout the year
When I received a sewing request, I was honestly like, "Ugh!
And so on, I'm frightened for a moment
take a breather
All of a sudden, the warriors rise up and they start working.

Mr. K
Continuing from last time, this time
An order with a strong punch
Thank you very much.

Made-to-Order Specs/50'S JAC Base Order Jacket

・Leather/matte steer
・Lining: Super hard twill, aluminum cotton, thinsulate
・ZIP/YKK No10 black
・ Thread/6th thread core ivory
・ Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store