Order made 108

This is the leather jacket that Mr. H ordered.

It is customized based on AS-1 VS , and the category is full order.

The shoulders and elbows are equipped with pads of the same shape as the MERIDEN SPEED-TWIN , and the height of the collar is also the same.

On the back, a new hem belt with leather is added at the position of the belt.

The chest pocket is eliminated, and the neck is equipped with a fastener stopper that fastens with Velcro.

And a line of 3 colors arranged in a basic style.

This line that runs from the front to the back, which is a point, has a motif of Mr. H's helmet.

While there are various color scheme patterns such as matching the color with the bike

Matching it with a helmet is also an unusual case and intriguing.

Wearing them together will make them stand out even more.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order spec / AS-1 VS base

・Leather/Vintage Steer Black Glory Black White Red (Line)
・Lining/Super hard twill red ・ZIP/YKK No.7 10 antique silver ・Handling store/ Kadoya Nagoya store