Order made 109

This time, I would like to introduce my friend, Mr. Sato, who rides ZAPPER in Toyohashi.
Custom-made summer riding jacket.

This is my second time ordering, but like the last time, everything is his original design.
The aim is to create an 80's atmosphere!
I harmonized the three colors and put it together well.

what the customer wants,
All the people involved in the production share the image
It will be the key to the success of custom-made.

The lining is polyester mesh, which is a staple of summer jackets.
Our product High performance inner SSPD
The compatibility with is very good, and the stickiness and discomfort caused by perspiration are considerably improved.

The size is slightly narrowed down for summer,
Punching leather is used for the ivory part, including the inside cover.

Once on your bike,
From the way you don't know where you're going
A self-proclaimed hurricane. smile

I wonder if this summer will also appear here and there...

Thank you for your order.
I'm glad that you liked it.

Made-to-order specs/original jacket

・Leather/ Minkle Wine/Ivory/Oil Black
・Lining / polyester mesh black
・ZIP/ YKK No.10 No.5 Gold
・ Dealer / Kadoya Nagoya store