Repair & custom 07

Your favorite leather pants.

It's a perfect fit silhouette, but the hem gets caught when you take off your boots. Therefore, it became a custom to give a space around the hem.

There are two main ways to add room around the hem.

Put in a triangular part to expose the width, or make a slit on the side so that the hem can spread freely. This time, I use the latter method because I don't want to change the silhouette.

Slit processing

With a length that matches the height of the boots, slits are processed from the hem to the knees.


Attach the matte black ZIP, which has been replaced with a nickel-plated slider pull, to the slit.


The stitching thread is the same purple color as the HFG/WAIST BAG PTD previously ordered.

The windbreak has the effect of smoothly moving the slider so as not to damage the boots when opening and closing the ZIP.

The Mushimise ZIP, which is a design accent, is attached without changing the width from below the knee to the hem.

And the bottom stop of the zip, which hits the instep of the boot, is a little lower than the hem in order to reduce the burden on the tape.

It is a custom with a very practical function that shows the customer's playfulness in detail.