It's almost time to take care of your leather

The cold season is still going on, but there is only one month left until the warm wind blows in March.

This time of year when you start to get nervous for such a period, it's also time to be conscious of caring for your leather!

When this time comes, customers

"I knew that leather products needed to be cared for, but actually I didn't do much."

“What kind of maintenance products should I use? ? ! ? 』

It's time to get more inquiries.

Therefore, KADOYA has further enhanced the maintenance product [Ref] series !


ref series 1

Both are German-made horse hair brushes for removing stains.

A small brush [Ref / HORSE BRUSH - S] can be used for small items such as boots and bags, and details of leather jackets.

The large brush [Ref / HORSE BRUSH - M] is suitable for brushing large areas such as the back of a leather jacket.


ref series 3

[Ref / LEATHER CLEANER] has just been released recently, but it is recommended for those who are concerned about stains on the surface of leather jackets!

If you find a stain on your favorite leather jacket, apply it to [Ref / LEATHER CLOTH] and then gently wipe it off.


ref series 2

[Ref / LEATHER CLOTH] can also be used for oiling up!

There are two types of Ref series oil

[Ref / LEATHER OIL] Recommended for those who want only pure oil up.

[Ref / LEATHER MILK] is for those who want to shine!
By continuing to apply it regularly, the gloss will gradually increase.

After applying both oils, wipe off the excess oil with [Ref / MOUTON GLOVE] and polish the back side to finish!

Maintenance is essential if you want to wear it for a long time! ! If you are troublesome, please use the refresher!

It is often said that "a leather jacket lasts a lifetime", but depending on how you take care of it, it will be difficult to wear it for a long time.

With maintenance about twice a year, you can wear it for a long time.

Now that we have all the items in stock, it's the perfect time to get a complete set and try out the maintenance goods you've been curious about!

If you are interested in how to use it specifically, please check with the directly managed store staff.

And it is troublesome to maintain by yourself! For those who say, please consider the leather specialty cleaning ′′ Ref Leather ′′ too!

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