Order made 97


This time
I would like to introduce a custom-made jacket made by Mr. I, a customer of the Tokyo main store.

The base is the HF lineup model MERIDEN TROPHY MODEL-0

At first glance, it is a simple black leather single jacket.
Depending on the parts, [vintage steer] and [HF goat] leather are used properly.

Can you tell by looking at the photo above?

The (collar) is a [vintage steer] that features a smooth and smooth silver surface (leather surface) with a glossy feel.

(Body) is a [HF goat] that features a textured texture due to unevenness.

Where to use [vintage steer]
・Front collar
・Front and back hem belt
・Flap belt with zip closure on the side of the body.

Where to use [HF Goat]
・Front and back body
・Back collar
・Front ZIP wind flap
・Reverse inside, hem inside
・Triangular cuff gusset, side gusset
・Pocket bead etc.

ZIP and dot buttons
Black, Black Nickel, Dahl Black, etc.
Grouped in similar colors.

inside pocket
One point accent.
YKK fine count No.3 gold ball chain pull
The tape color is bright purple.

This order is a very rare specification.

In addition to sewing work, I also do general management work in the factory.
Made-to-order, semi-made-to-order, ready-made products, etc.
I am in charge of the final inspection before shipment of all products produced at the head office factory.
I remember various orders.

In the past, with the discontinued HF ready-made product [ROCK BONE]
Although we were developing a combination jacket of soft smooth steer and soft pony

for a while, recently
HF lineup model N-1 , etc.
Structure using fur only for collar parts
Although there were different types of leather used in partial parts
like this time
Orders for a wide range of main parts with a combination of different types of leather are
About 1 or 2 points in the past.

I think the customer has considered it quite well.

Likely, but not

Mr. I's idea was condensed
It's a unique jacket.

Because the body, including the pocket parts, is a soft and supple goat
It will also reduce the thrust to the neck in the riding position.

Collar, sleeves, belt around the waist, etc. are made of vintage steer thin leather.
By using a soft goat for the body, which is the center of the body,
The burden of the hardness of the leather at the beginning of wearing will be considerably reduced.

In addition, since the main parts are clearly divided into leather types,
Isn't it fun to feel the comfort when you wear it with your body?

after a few years
What kind of change is this jacket undergoing?
I am very concerned. .
I'm looking forward to it!

Mr. I
Order of this time
Thank you very much.

・Made-to-order spec / MERIDEN TROPHY MODEL-0 custom order

・Leather/Vintage Steer Black ・HF Goat Black
・Lining / super hard twill black
・ZIP/YKK No.5, No.10 Black, No.3 Gold
・Dot button / Dahl Black, Black Nickel
・ Dealer / Kadoya Tokyo Main Store