Order made 82

This is an N-1 based custom jacket that I made at the request of Mr. K, a customer of the Osaka store.

The body leather used is the same as the ready-made model [HF GOAT] black goat leather.

It is a material that has been very well received since its introduction, and it can be said that it is a material that can be said to be a "connoisseur's preference" because it is often chosen by those who already own several leather jackets.

The ready-made model uses "curly" mouton for the collar boa, but Mr. K changed it to "straight" mouton as he likes.

The front is changed from buttonhole tailoring to dar black dot button closure.

This time Mr. K was particular about the area around the armhole.
This is where the patterner can show off their skills, and we will make it according to the customer's body shape.

The detachable acrylic boa liner vest has been changed from brown to black.

When the liner vest is removed, the super hard twill black 80g cotton quilting appears.

The color of the cuff inner rib has also been changed from olive drab to black.

ZIP changed from old American ZIP of cotton tape to standard ZIP of polyester tape.

Mr. K's choice of strength first.

Don't add too much or subtract too much from the ready-made base

Mr. K's stance on manufacturing, which quietly injects his own ideas,

I always feel a strong sense of commitment.

Thank you for letting me work with you again!

Made-to-order spec / N-1 base custom

leather/HF GOAT black
Lining: Super hard twill quilting black
ZIP/YKK No10 No7 Gold
Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store