Order made 63

Made to order for HF MERIDEN SPEED-TWIN .

The customer liked the tight silhouette styling, which was the deciding factor for the order.

Caramel stitch pads on shoulders and elbows, double waist belts, and short length.
While the base design remains the same, the metal parts such as the zip, buttons, and belt buckle are changed to gold or brass.
The stitching is changed to a camel-colored No. 6 thread core spun to create a warm and contrasting look.

The functional change is the length of the front zip.
The bottom stop position is raised by about 7 cm to give flexibility around the hem.
Considering the customer's riding position, it is a setting that reduces the thrust of the jacket to the neck.
The dot button that reinforces the zip end is hidden.

The bright glossy lining is made of soft satin.

The leather has been changed from oil soft steer, which has both thickness and flexibility, to vintage steer.
We believe that it will envelop our customers with a firm texture that has the tanning characteristics of both tannin and chrome.

Thank you for your order.


Made-to-order spec / SPEED-TWIN

・Leather/vintage steer black
・Lining: polyester satin Bordeaux
・ZIP/YKK No.10, No5 Gold
・Buckle/21mm brass
・Dot button/brass
・ Dealer / KADOYA Sendai store