Order made 62

This time, I received an order from A.
Introducing made-to-order JKT.

The model based on SPEED-TWIN
The front pocket has a D-shaped design.

Change the shoulder and elbow pads to inner padding,
Stitch design to tuck roll

This specification reminiscent of a motorcycle seat,
The shoulders and elbows look neat and spartan.

Moderately customized SPEED TWIN,
To Mr. A's original JKT
I changed my appearance.

Everyone has their own way of enjoying motorcycles and JKT,
Among them, "Customize your own style" is very attractive.

An original outfit will make you feel more satisfied with your ownership.
Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order spec/SPEED-TWIN base

・Leather/oil soft steer
・Lining/Super hard twill ・Red
・ZIP/YKK No10・No7 Gold
・Dot button/brass
・ Dealer / KADOYA head office