Order made 40

Natural tanned leather engraved with the KADOYA logo,

The black welt pocket and the color of the carry-on leather buttons look great against the dark brown deerskin.

N-3B LEATHER custom-made by Yukimoto, a customer of the Osaka store.

While keeping the form of the ready-made product, the materials and details have been changed.

Not too much, not too much, and finished with just the right amount of seasoning.

A ready-made product that is released after repeated sample production and correction can be said to be a complete model in terms of total balance.

The real thrill of custom-made products is the process and result of finding the ideal shape in a semi-infinite range of free choices. It may be the trick to making a piece that you can love for a long time.

It is the first place that I made while thinking about such a thing.

Yukimoto-san, thank you again for your request.

And this jacket is a magazine that is currently lined up in bookstores.

Published in the October issue of CLUB HARLEY magazine.


I checked the flip and the magazine.

Hmm, it stands out.

Thank you for your cooperation in lending valuable items before delivery.

Thank you again.

Made-to-Order Spec / N-3B LEATHER
Leather / deerskin brown coyote fur
Lining / super hard twill navy
ZIP/ YKK No10.No5 Antique Gold
Dot button / KADOYA antique gold
Thread / core spun No. 6 ivory
Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store