Order made 26

I would like to introduce the made-to-order items ordered by Ms. F at the Osaka store.

Based on HF/AS-1 , the outer material is changed to deerskin.
The design logo that was gathered up tastefully on the back body,
The shoulders are equipped with two lines and the lattice pad used in HF/KZ-P .

Bottoms are TCS PANTS with a standard silhouette and knee pad shirring.
I also ordered it in deerskin.

Soft texture and dignity peculiar to deerskin
It is the completion of the top and bottom that makes you feel classical and motor sports.
Thank you Mr. F.

I feel that the daylight hours are getting longer day by day.
The cold days continue,
Spring is almost here.

Made-to-order specs / AS-1 Kai & TCS pants

・Leather/Deerskin Black (Line, Logo) Minkle/Ivory
・Lining: polyester satin black
・ZIP/YKK antique gold No10, No7
・Thread/6th thread Core spun/Ivory
・ Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store