Order made 25

Attire that exudes a sense of coolness

not too greedy
The concept is harmony between material and design

The first place suitable for representing "natural beauty" has been completed here.

Customers who ordered at the Tokyo head office this time,
We would like to introduce Mr. Sugai's "HF-DEER" EARLY SPRINTER Ladies Custom.

Going back about half a year to the 2011 summer bargain
Come visit us as a couple
In the scorching heat, it was hurriedly filled with ``savage leather jacket enthusiasts''
In one corner of the bargain floor on the 2nd floor
Stubbornly not moving from the HF corner Trying on the target product,
"It doesn't hurt my eyes..." said the husband who checked the fit in front of the mirror
Lock on our staff over the counter chair
See through the texture of the material with a rich knowledge of leather
"Without lining! Because I want to experience the natural goodness of deer!!"
The wife conveys the order image without hesitation.

The order specifications are based on the lineup model EARLY SPRINTER.
The front body and both sides are contoured to fit the customer's body.

The front zip is a reverse-opening (double-opening) pull
Pockets with flaps are placed on the left and right sides of the chest
gold metal parts
The thread is the 6th thread core spun ivory

The concept of the lineup model is
A solid style with as little decoration as possible
The stitching on the backing pads on the shoulders and elbows emphasizes riding wear.
shape the body line
Accent the chest pocket
Gold metal parts create a three-dimensional effect.

harmonious and elegant atmosphere
The ladies riding wear has been completed.

While the wife is having a meeting about the order
The husband who was trying on the target product next to me
I wonder what that thing is...

Lineup model "EARLY SPRINTER" brown

Yes, it matches your wife! !

In contrast to the intense heat at that time
It's been cold these days

How is Mr. and Mrs. Sugai doing?

We are looking forward to seeing you again.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-Order Spec / EARLY SPRINTER Custom
leather/deerskin brown
Thread/6th thread core spun
ZIP/YKK Reverse Opening Ever Bright Gold
Dealer / KADOYA Tokyo Main Store