Order made 22

Mr. Tachikawa's order for the '76 kawasaki Z650B1
Full original SEAT BAG.
He was neither American nor European
The taste of “Made in Japan”,
And the atmosphere that matches the era when this bike was released.

Caring for the car body and not using hooks,
Secure the pedestal by crossing the harness with looped ends.
The pedestal and BAG are jointed using a metal fitting.
In addition, an auxiliary button is installed on the pedestal in preparation for the shaking of the BAG.

A dome-shaped socket is installed so that the insertion metal fittings can be hidden in the BAG body.

The size is slightly smaller than B5.It has enough capacity for a short ride.
Vintage steer /navy body
A red line enters with piping and a stitch thread.

According to Mr. Tachikawa, it would be safer if it was made in all black.
Considering that it is made-to-order, I dared to create something with an unusual color scheme...

The compatibility with bike is perfect!

After the delivery, he came to the store again with a bike equipped with a SEAT BAG.
Next is the consultation of the order of the jacket.

Mr. Tachikawa Thank you very much.

Made-to-Order Specs/Original SEAT BAG

・Leather/vintage steer navy
・Lining / Tefox
・Dot button/dar black
・ Dealer / KADOYA Tokyo Main Store