Order made 21

Well, I've done it.
Continuing from last year, the popular "HF-DEER"
We will keep you posted on a regular basis this year.

This time, custom-made by Mr. Hattori, a regular customer of the Nagoya store.
We would like to introduce the HF-DEER FLAT TRACK RACER custom.

The custom content is only the change of the neck V zone.

The line-up model has three eyelets with leather straps.
Knitting type.

This order is ZIP specification
It can be opened and closed with one action and is functional.
The zip is hidden, so it looks simple.

The concept of the lineup model
A shirt for all seasons.

It can be worn flat even when layered in winter.
scrape off decorations
The front section is made to be as refreshing as possible.
One point design change
Increased sense of solidity
It became a handsome face with "Shuu!"

Mr. Hattori
Thank you for your order every time.

Made-to-order spec / HF-DEER FLAT TRACK RACER custom

leather/deerskin brown
Thread/6th thread core spun
ZIP/YKK Everbright Gold
Dealer / KADOYA Nagoya store