Order made 143

This time, I would like to introduce Mr. Uchimura, a regular customer of KADOYA head office.

The machine is "BOSS HOSS Trike Custom"
Liquid-cooled 4-cycle V-type 8-cylinder OHV engine.

A fan-like radiator and a very thick rear tire that seems to be attached to a large truck.

As always, I am overwhelmed by an overwhelming presence that does not require questions.

Mr. Uchimura, who rides such a machine, orders custom-made products full of originality every time.

This time's padded double jacket is a maniac order with oiled vintage steer for the padded part and pocket on the body of the HF goat.

The front part has a large pocket with a gusset that is taken from the side pocket of army pants.

The right front is equipped with a key hook with a large eggplant ring.

The side belts on the sides are attached to accommodate weight gain and loss due to training.

In preparation for the coming season, both sleeves are detachable and customized with Excela ZIP. Goat wine red is the goat wine red used for the zip.

The forged upper arm circumference reaches 46 cm at maximum.

The gusseted pocket on the front of the jacket has zips on both sides so that it can be put in and taken out with either hand.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order specs/original jacket

・Leather/oiled vintage steer black/HF goat black/wine red
・Lining: Super hard twill red
・ZIP/YKK No.8 Excela Nickel
・Dot Button / Nickel ・Dealer / KADOYA Main Store