Order made 142

This is a made-to-order jacket ordered by H-sama at the head office.

Based on the W Riders KL-W4, which combines operability and femininity when riding, the category is full order.

The leather is from black to N Minkle blue. The lining is changed to wine red.

The buckles, dot buttons, and eyelets brought in are made of brass, and the metal parts are unified in gold.

We requested a vivid red color for the leather pull attached to the ZIP slider.

For the sewing thread, choose a light brown that looks like denim. It looks great on bright blue leather.

Uh-huh...everything is exquisite.

It was the same this time, but during the production process, there are many times when I feel like, "Oh, this is cool."

Deciding on the specifications based on an image of the completed product is very fun, but it seems easy, but it is surprisingly difficult and takes courage.

All the more so if it takes time and money...

I was curious, so I asked the pattern maker and the staff who attended the temporary sewing about their impressions of Mr. H.

The two replied, "You're a cool person (woman)."

I wasn't able to be present at the time of delivery, but "I see..."

The way you wear it says it all.

It suits you very well. Thank you for this time.

Made-to-order spec/KL-W4 base

・Leather/N Minkle Blue ・Lining/Polyester Satin Wine Red ・ZIP/YKK No.5 No.10 Gold