Order made 115

This is the leather jacket ordered by Mr. S at the Sendai store.

K'S LEATHER THROUGH RIDE EVO-LEATHER (A), which is now a discontinued model.

Many specifications have been changed to the base, and the category is full order.

Here are some of the major changes

・The shape of the pad is the same caramel pattern as the MERIDEN SPEED-TWIN .

・A similar pad is placed on the yoke on the back. Elbow pads extend to cuffs

・Gray crown emblems are attached to both shoulders.

・A KADOYA foil-stamped plate using 3mm thick Nume leather is sewn on the back of the collar and chest.
The chest part can be used as a sunglasses holder.

・The detachable mouton collar boa is made in two colors, black and brown.

・Leather letters sewn on the back

・In addition to the lace-up specifications, the sides are equipped with a tanned leather double belt.
A crescent gusset with eyelets is installed under the armpit.

Etc. S-sama's obsession that won't stay.

Other than the details, the thickness of the leather is what we are particular about.

While using 1.8mm thick hard steer, there is a request to omit skiving (a method of thinning the leather by scraping it) as much as possible.

These specifications make the jacket hard and heavy, just like armor made of leather.

Although it is a leather jacket that will become familiar with your body as you wear it for a long time, and you will become even more attached to it.

This jacket seems to require a certain amount of time and effort.

But don't worry B-KING - Riding a Vulcan 1500 Drifter and a large motorcycle

It doesn't seem like a problem for Mr.

It is as powerful as a heavy leather jacket.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order spec / THROUGH RIDE EVO LEATHER(A) base

・Leather/matte steer mouton black/brown
・Lining: Super hard twill quilting black
・ZIP/YKK No.10 No.7 Black
・ Dealer / Kadoya Sendai store