Order made 116

This is a made-to-order jacket ordered at the head office.

High-paced number of orders, personalities, episodes leading to custom-made, etc.
Thanks to many introductions, we are now not only within the company but also among our customers.
This is the latest jacket of Mr. S, who is becoming a hot topic (sorry...).

European type based on MERDEN BONNY MODEL-0
Although it is a double riders

Continuing from the 6th focus, which has the same specifications as the jacket produced in the 5th focus, but only the parts have been changed.
This time, it will be the 7th focus with some changes and modifications.
The category will be full order.

HF-GOAT wine red leather is selected.

The breast pocket is set at an angle that is parallel to the folded lower collar.
Equipped with a detachable collar boa.

The ZIP uses an injection with a profound feeling by boiling and molding a zinc alloy.

By the way, two models that were just released at the same time as the 6th delivery
Mr. S showed a strong interest in MERIDEN SPEED-TWIN/MODEL-0 and BRMJ .

This time, both elements are casually incorporated into the materials, etc.

I was aware that "As expected! Clever choice!"

According to the staff in charge, BRMJ and
I heard that you've already received an order for a European-style jacket...

Come to think of it, when I met him last year, he said, "Mr. S! Are you still alive!?"
It was a reply with a smile, "I'm still alive" to the question.

No more surprises.

However, "It would be cool if there were pants that match the BRMJ."
I also said...

Please feel free to ask me more about it when we meet again.

If you love Head Factory products that much,
All I can say is thank you, and I want to go back to the basics.

I am always grateful for your help.

Postscript: The WINTER SALE of the main store will be held next week. Hurry up and report.


・Leather/HF Goat Wine Mouton Gray
・Lining: Super hard twill quilting black
・ZIP/YKK No.75 95 injection silver
・ Dealer / Kadoya Tokyo Main Store