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Japanese leather bags sold at HF-LAB. The DOPPELGANGER x KADOYA collaboration has realized specifications that can be used in vehicles.

The thick cowhide leather with water-repellent and antifouling treatment, resin handles and rubber zipper pulls give a tough and rugged impression.
(*The leather is not completely waterproof. It is recommended to use a rain cover, etc. when it rains.)

A waterproof zipper is used for the front zipper to prevent rain from entering.

The front pocket has a HF-LAB stamped tag made of cowhide leather.

The gusset is as wide as 13.5 cm, and it is sufficient for touring for 1-2 nights.

A set of vehicle belts is included. By using the mechanism of the in-vehicle bag developed under the DOPPELGANGER brand, it is possible to easily attach and detach the bag.

The front side has a partition pocket that is easy to use when opening and closing the zipper.

A pocket with zipper closure is placed on the back side.

HF- LAB. = Items developed at the KADOYA head office factory laboratory that give shape to various product ideas.

An ambitious product that proposes a new motorcycle lifestyle that has never been seen before, such as neo-classical models.

■ Design
A leather bag with a mechanism that can be attached to and detached from the vehicle body. Scotchguard-coated cowhide leather, which has semi-permanent water repellency and stain resistance, is used to achieve weather resistance that can withstand sudden rain and dirt such as mud. Although it is a handheld/shoulder bag, it is easy to put on and take off and doubles as a motorcycle saddle bag. Along with the rugged and modern appearance using waterproof fasteners, it proposes a new bike lifestyle centered on neo-classical bikes.

■ Product features
・Can be used in vehicles (*use of side bag support is recommended) ・Water-repellent and stain-resistant (*not completely waterproof. Rain may seep through the sewn parts) ・DOPPELGANGER×KADOYA collaboration Precautions ・There are some individual differences in numerical values ​​such as size and weight.・This product is a general-purpose product. We recommend using the saddlebag support when using.・When using the product attached to the vehicle body, tie the belt part and fix it securely to the vehicle body.・Before using the product on your vehicle, put your luggage in the bag and check that it does not interfere with the tires, muffler, and drive unit while straddling the motorcycle before riding.・Install it so that it does not hit the exhaust while maintaining a distance (approximately 10 cm) where it does not come in contact with the muffler.・Do not overload or pile up unevenly. In addition to deforming or damaging the bag, it may lead to accidents such as falls.・Depending on the shape of the car body, it may not be fixed properly. Please check the product dimensions before purchasing.・Avoid using at speeds above legal speed limits.・Although this product is waterproof, it is not completely waterproof. It may be flooded due to long-term use in rainy weather or rainfall.・Color transfer may occur if the product is kept in close contact with other materials for a long time in a hot and humid environment.

■ Material
front/cowhide back/nylon

size Size
Width 360
Vertical width 250
Gusset width 135
capacity 12L
Maximum loading weight 5kg

*The unit is cm (centimeter)
* The indicated size is the finished size, and there may be some errors depending on the product.

Founded in 1935, in Asakusa, Tokyo, we have continuously nurtured our craftsmanship in making leather jackets.

This commitment is our proud philosophy that plays a part in Japanese manufacturing. The origin of HEAD FACTORY is the "skill" and "enthusiasm" cultivated by Kadoya craftsmen.

And this is my thoughts to all those who love leather jackets and motorcycles. We continue to create clothes that can be worn for generations without being swept away by the times.


Embracing the craftsmen's passion in the brand tag, Kadoya's path to "better manufacturing"

the night before

Kadoya's craftsmen, who have been making leather jackets for a long time as a made-to-order leather shop, have accumulated technology that can respond to all needs over time.

As the world entered an era of mass production and mass consumption, the trend shifted toward ready-made clothes. In the midst of turbulent times, the skilled craftsmen led by Masataka Fukano, the second generation of the company, continued the custom-made production, while behind the scenes the development of ready-made clothes also started.

In 2003, the domestic brand "HEAD FACTORY", which was particular about "sewing one piece per person" as if going against the times, was transposed to the production of ready-made clothes. It was launched at the factory in the head office building in Asakusa.

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