February has arrived. It's pretty cold...

Last week it snowed for the first time this year, and the park in my neighborhood is also pure white...Is this really Tokyo? ? Such a sight.

"The strongest cold wave has arrived!?"

It's cold as expected.

Sub fuel tank attached to the motorcycle. As for why this is lying around the room

It's so cold that I avoid working outdoors...that's one of the reasons.

Another thing is, in my case, when I pick up a new favorite thing, I stare at it for a while.

Beautiful form and texture. Oh, such functionality! ! and so on

While looking at that person, having a drink and being happy... that's often the case.

There are endless examples, but when it comes to my favorite boots, I don't just look at them
I've worn them indoors for a few days.

It's a troublesome story for people downstairs
I will switch to outdoor shoes soon.

After that, it is placed on a shelf in the room where you can see it, not in the shoe cupboard.

As for my favorite jacket, I don't use the closet and hang it on the wall.
It is well ventilated and mold does not grow.

If you want to decorate it, I would like to be particular about items such as hangers.

Since long ago, there has been a tendency to want to keep something close at hand and look at it when there is something you like.

Bicycles can be brought into the room, but it's a little impossible when it comes to cars and motorcycles...

Then the ideal is a life with a garage. I admire you.

Hmm! ? Because you can't own trains, large planes, ships, etc.
Is there a place where you can feel the romance? ? I think...

Well, there's no point in staring at the sub-tank forever, so it's time to move on to where it should be.


Items that appeared