Among the "head factory order-made system", "select order" is the easiest way to reflect the customer's preferences.

You can choose your favorite model and fit size from ready-made products, and we will make it from scratch by changing the material.

You can freely combine leather types, colors, linings, threads, zips, buckles, buttons, etc. from the list provided here.
There are more than 100 different colors of leather, including the different materials, so this is a course that I would like to recommend, including a fun time to expand your imagination on how to combine them.

The impression of the jacket can be greatly changed by simply changing the parts.
In fact, many customers change only the color of the lining or change only the metal parts.

The metal parts used for the jacket are mainly zips, buckles, eyelets, rivets, and dot buttons.

Taking the dot button as an example, Head Factory ready-made models use nickel plating, brass, Dahl plating, and silver plating. You can choose from 9 colors, including plating and black nickel plating, as well as several other types with KADOYA engraving.

Each one has its own charm,
The particularly popular brass dot is the only non-plated button in this collection.

The surface of each brass dot button used at Head Factory is polished and protected with a clear coating. This is mainly for the purpose of preventing oxidation at the initial stage, so the coating will eventually come off as the product is worn. However, due to the friction that accompanies wearing, the contrast between the parts that continue to shine forever and the parts that become dull due to oxidative discoloration is more likely to appear than the plated ones, and you can enjoy the taste just like leather.
It may be natural that the natural atmosphere of the material itself goes well with leather, which is a raw material.

Among the plated buttons, the unique process is called Dahl plating.
This is an elaborate treatment method in which after copper plating is applied, the surface is chemically reacted with chemicals to create an astringent black film. , This is also tasteful and familiar with leather.

With "Select Order", you can freely change even one of these small parts.

It will take some time because we will sew one piece after receiving your order,
The jacket, which incorporates the customer's commitment, should become even more attached.



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