Order made 85

This one-shoulder bag was made at the request of Mr. H, a regular customer of the Fukuoka store.

Although it is large enough to cover the back, it is relatively lightweight due to the characteristics of the goat leather used.

The front is quilted with a low-resilience urethane sponge, and the soft characteristics of goat leather create deep shadows.
It has a powerful presence.

Two pieces of leather are attached to the side to give it tension.

45mm width belt with brass buckle, sub-belt with brass hook.
Hold your body tightly.

Soft sponge with volume is quilted on the bottom.

The back is also equipped with a soft sponge to reduce the load on the back.

Originally made as a camera bag,

After delivery, we have heard from the staff that it is being used in a wide variety of situations.

I am glad that you liked it.

When you go to Mongolia, please let the manager of the Fukuoka store know.

Thank you very much for this time!


Nakamura craftsman made the snap key chain, which was requested after the follow-up.
Please wait for a while.

In addition, the front ZIP replacement and repair of leather jackets entrusted to us,
Two pieces of leather jacket lining processing,

Also, please wait for a while.

Thank you again and again!

Made-to-order specs/original shoulder bag

leather/HF GOAT black
Lining / Tefox
ZIP/YKK No7 Gold
Dealer / KADOYA Fukuoka store