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Article: Order Made 51

Order made 51

Order Made 51

This time
A friend of me, Harada, and a teammate who participates in a vintage bike race together.
I would like to introduce the order I received from Mr. Koyama.

It's a deer shirt.

Order details

Suitable for 3 seasons except summer
Soft and comfortable shirt with lining.

To bring out the texture of the black deerskin
The metal parts, thread colors, etc. are gathered in dark colors.

on the left and right sides of the chest
Sandwiched using the switching line
A flap type single welt pocket is placed.

Not as bulky as a patch pocket
It's visually clean.

hand warmer pocket

On the left and right sides of the front body
A hidden ZIP-style single bead pocket is placed.

Equipped with ZIP
Small items stored in the pocket while riding
Prevents falling.

sleeve cuffs

No gusset or windbreak
Hold the space from the elbow to the cuff
Tight, no tuck specification

Dot button cuffs
Cuff size It is a single clasp without adjustment.

Assuming a voluminous leather finish,
Narrow the cuff width
It's compact.

Sleeve lining is satin fabric
The body lining was stabbed with lattice stitching
Quilted satin fabric.

Bordeaux color with glossiness is very elegant.

Due to the effect of soft deerskin and batting that creates a fluffy air layer
You will be satisfied with the hold feeling of light and gentle comfort.

If you look only at the angle from the waist to the bottom of the bust
It looks like a jacket. .

"shirt jacket"

This is also his aim. .

I love Triumphs from the bottom of my heart
he loves racing. .

love machine in hospital
Instead of Triton Racer
Even a separate triumph for city riding
Tuned to racer specs
It was held at Fuji Speedway last weekend.
"L.O.C Clubman Road Race Round 2"
It's been a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time. . .


In the cooler autumn
Return to the original street riding specification

Annual Mt. Fuji TT Touring
Let's go!

As scheduled
Wear a deer shirt. .

Made-to-Order Specs/Dear Shirt

・Leather / Deer Black
・Lining / satin quilted Bordeaux (Body)
・Lining / Satin Bordeaux (sleeves)
・ZIP /YKK No5 black
・Button / Dahl Black
・Thread / core spun number 6 thread gray
・ Dealer / KADOYA Tokyo Main Store