Order made 35

One of the real pleasures of custom-made products is that you can change the atmosphere of a ready-made product by modifying it a little.
The base HF AS-1 of this jacket is stand collar, 3 pockets, action pleats, waist belt,
It is a standard model with necessary and sufficient functions.
From there, by adding and subtracting details, it became a jacket with a completely different impression.

The stand collar that has been cut off from the collar is attached to the
A flap belt that can be folded back and fastened with a dot button.

The chest pocket has been removed to create a neat body, and the epaulettes on both shoulders give it just the right amount of volume.

With no action pleats, the back is even simpler than its predecessor.

On the hem, white x green leather lettering.

The waist belt is attached with its shape as it is and the letters and height are aligned.

The ball chain zip, buckle, and gold metal parts and the contrasting letters around the hem.

Brown stitching and a burgundy quilted lining give the matte black buckskin a three-dimensional look.

A jacket with a simple body and exquisite design details.

Made-to-order spec/AS-1 base

・Leather/deerskin black
・Lining / polyester satin quilting Bordeaux
・ZIP/YKK No.8, No.5 Excela Gold
・Gold with buckle/30mm pin
・Thread/6th thread core spun brown
・ Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store