Order made 159

This is a made-to-order jacket based on "AVDJ" made at the request of Mr. S.

Mr. S, who has greatly built up his body, ordered a full order according to his physique.

The leather has been changed from oiled vintage steer to minkle black.

Minkle leather, which was renewed several years ago, has increased suppleness while maintaining strength.

A D pocket that stands out for AVDJ's individuality.

The zipper has been changed to gold, and the buckle is solid brass. It already has a vintage feel to it.

Equipped with a hidden pocket on the front.

Double-breasted jackets, not limited to AVDJ, have excellent windproof effect even when the zipper is fully closed.

It's a double privilege to be able to dress like a lid.

Thank you very much Mr. S!

And welcome home!