Order made 155

This is a made-to-order jacket based on "BRMJ" made at the request of Mr. K.

Since there was a slight change in the silhouette, the order category will be "Custom 1".

There is no change in the material, just like the ready-made product "HF-MINKLE" matte black. The stitch has been changed to green.

Among the many green thread colors, choose a subdued color that matches the leather.

Originally, the BRMJ has a long length, so the lining around the hem is protected from friction. Plus.

These details vary depending on the customer's application, so please realize them by order or custom.

The fastener tape is also unified in dull green. The area around the cuffs gives a somewhat mechanical impression, which is one of the charms unique to riders.

Mr. K, thank you very much for this time!