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One trend of 2020AW, a slightly different use of nylon

(Compared to our company…)

What is the difference and how is it made?

We will introduce the development concept and the thoughts of the planner.

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What do you mean by "Riding and wearing, just right"?

In general, nylon jackets from motorcycle wear manufacturers are sturdy and impregnable items for bikers.

However, on the other hand, I have been thinking recently, but the image when wearing a nylon jacket

- Comfortable to wear and easy to use

・In addition, when leather is too hard, you want to put it on.

I also think like that.

Wouldn't it be nice if it was an item that could be worn in different seasons while relaxing a little more?

Planning starts from this feeling!

— Biker coat made from nylon / URBAN SEEKER–

A modern arrangement of the standard classic design motorcycle coat, it can be worn smoothly and can be used for many seasons.

1.Light comfort of stretch nylon

kadoya official online

Made of stretch nylon with a coating on the back so that you can easily put it on, it is easy to wear and easy to move.

(It is not waterproof, but it is water repellent and can withstand a little rain.)

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2. Ventilation mechanism provided in each part

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The front pocket uses a zip opening instead of a flap for ease of use, and the waterproof zipper AQUA GUARD prevents water and wind from entering through the zipper.

(Surprisingly in the middle of winter, the intrusion of the wind from the gap of the zipper is plainly painful. . .)

Also, when you open the front pocket and run, the wind will pass through.

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From the sleeves to the side of the body, ventilation with zipper opening and closing is placed to release stuffiness when worn, and to adjust the temperature when it gets too hot. There is also a zipper opening and closing ventilation on the back.

3.COMFORMAX Liner jacket using high-performance batting

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The liner that can be put on and taken off with a zipper is a jacket type with sleeves so that you can enjoy warm and comfortable riding even in the middle of winter. The front zip is separate from the liner, and it even has a fleece collar for heat retention and texture.

(I think it's hot when traveling by train or walking in the city ... lol)

When the liner is removed with a zipper, the lining is a sweat-absorbing and quick-drying mesh.

Ventilation in each part, it is possible to escape the heat, so it is easy to use in spring, autumn and rainy season!

4. Glimpse in the details, logo use of accent placement

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kadoya official online

The zipper pull and Velcro on the cuffs are newly made with the KADOYA logo.

The name that can be seen when hung on a hanger has also been changed to a new one embossed on suede.

5. Summary

We want you to use it in a variety of situations, from commuting to going out and touring, without limiting the scene where you ride a motorcycle.

Just the right amount of lightness for that. From now on, I will continue to pursue this kind of quest by changing the approach and changing the product.

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