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(Maintenance technique taught by Refleaser)
-STEP 1-

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Use a horsehair brush to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the leather. Don't forget to brush the seams as well. If the stain is severe, wipe the leather surface with a wet towel that has been tightly wrung out.

-STEP 2-

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Remove the Ref / LEATHER CLEANER through the cloth (cloth) until your fingers are slightly damp. When the cleaner dries, apply an appropriate amount to the cloth again.

-STEP 3-

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Wipe the entire leather in several batches. By doing this work, you can get closer to the state of no makeup on your skin. Dirt and color are transferred to the cloth, but this is proof that the old oil and dirt that has migrated have been removed.

-STEP 4-

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The finish is divided into matte finish, natural finish, and glossy finish depending on the oil characteristics, so please choose the oil you like.

-STEP 5-

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Apply the oil of your choice to the clean side of the cloth. Take small amounts of oil.

-STEP 6-

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Apply the oil while spreading it thinly so that it fits the entire leather. If you don't have enough oil, add little by little.

-STEP 7-

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Brush the entire leather with a horsehair brush to absorb the nutrients of the oil. For large areas, it is efficient to use a large brush. At that time, we recommend using a brush different from the dust remover.

-STEP 8-

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From here, I would like to recommend "one effort" for those who want to be more particular about finishing. Wipe the whole with the mouton side of the mouton glove. By wiping with a dry cloth, excess oil remaining on the surface is removed to prevent stickiness.

-STEP 9-

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Finally, wipe the whole with the suede side of the mouton glove. Polishing the leather on the suede side gives it a high-quality luster. By using the finished mouton gloves, the oil will blend in and the taste will increase, and you can enjoy aging.

-STEP 10-

Cover with non-woven fabric and store in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Please refrain from using plastic bags that tend to trap moisture.

■How to use 1. Take a small amount of cream on a cloth and spread evenly over the leather. 2. After the cream is dry, polish it with a soft cloth.

■ Product features
A cream that gives the original luster of leather. Contains natural waxes such as jojoba oil, lanolin (highly refined wool grease), and mineral oil that blend well with leather and give it suppleness and moisture. Since it does not use organic solvents or silicone, it is ideal for maintenance of leather wear that comes in contact with the skin frequently. It is an oil that is easy to handle because it is oily and spreads well and is not sticky. The color is neutral, so it can be used on any color leather. Capacity / 50 grams *Be sure to test in an inconspicuous place before use. *Cannot be used on enamel leather, brushed leather such as reptile leather. *Be sure to close the cap after use. * Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight, and keep out of reach of children. *Please do not store it sideways as the ingredients of the cream may ooze out. ■Ingredients Jojoba oil, lanolin, mineral oil
■Container material


■Country of origin
made in Japan

■ Those who want to ask a professional
Please consult the leather specialty cleaning "Refleather".

Internal capacity

*The unit is cm (centimeter)
* The indicated size is the finished size, and there may be some errors depending on the product.

A maintenance item series is now available from Ref Leather, a specialized leather cleaning company. Refleather craftsmen have examined a wide variety of maintenance products and selected the most suitable maintenance items for leather jackets.

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