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About repair


At KADOYA, our products are repaired by professional leather craftsmen so that you can feel safe with your products.

In order for you to continue wearing the products you purchase for a long time,

In addition to repairs such as frayed threads, torn leather, zipper replacement, lining replacement, rib knit replacement, dimension correction, etc.

We will do our best to accommodate your requests, including adding pockets and pads, sewing leather letters and lines, adding new collar boas and removable liner vests, and other customizations.

The price will be estimated after confirming the actual condition of the item. (Depending on the condition, repair may not be possible.)

*A deposit of the repair fee (at least half of the total amount) is required at the time of repair acceptance.

Typical repair case

Short sleeves

Adjust the sleeve length according to your riding position. Move the fastener so that the design does not collapse.


Adjust the length of the hem to your liking.

fastener replacement

If the fastener tape is torn or worn, or the metal fittings are defective, we will replace it with a new fastener.

Fix fraying

If the sewing thread or overlock thread is frayed or worn, we will re-sewn it.

button replacement

If the button is broken due to deterioration over time, we will replace it with a new one.

tear repair

Covers the areas where the leather is torn to make it less noticeable.



Dirt that cannot be removed by cleaning or color fading due to UV burns can sometimes be hidden or recovered by recoloring by spraying pigments. If it cannot be treated due to the quality of the leather, the effect may be low depending on the color.

* The window for recoloring is different. Please be careful.

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Current repair turnaround time

Approximately 2 months

Update date: March 7, 2023



About repair

About Recolor

About payment

Repair inquiries

If you have any questions about repairs, please feel free to contact us using the "chat button" on the bottom left.

For those who have completed the repair reception

If you have already received an inquiry from a store, telephone, or the "consultation form" and have already accepted the repair, please check the "Repair Terms" and "Notes on Shipping" at the link below and proceed with the procedure. I will.

Repair flow


1. Repair reception

Please send your inquiry via chat.

We will give you an estimate of the repair fee, shipping fee, and storage period.

2.Receipt of products for repair

Please send the product to our repair department.

*Please do not stick a memo directing where to repair, etc. directly on the product. The adhesive strength of the tape may damage the surface of the leather.

3. Quotation

When the product arrives at our company, the person in charge of the repair reception will inform you of the details of the formal repair, the fee, and the storage period.

4. Repair work

Once you have accepted our instructions, we will begin the repair. We will carefully repair your precious items.

5. Product delivery

Once the repair is completed, we will send it to you by courier. Please note that shipping fees will be charged separately in addition to the repair fee.