スタッフ:173 cm / 65 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: M size


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I bought BLACK BIRD at the end of last year.

Watch while drinking beer at home.

There is something deeply emotional...

This is the first time that the factory staff has purchased the Head Factory jackets that we always make.

So it bothered me a lot...

・If you can make it in the first place, shouldn't you make it yourself?

How about trying to incorporate your own preferences at that time?

・In the past, I liked leather jackets and repeatedly owned and sold several jackets. etc.

After all, I really want it because it's cool.

It's a simple matter of wanting a finished product rather than just what you like.

In conclusion, I decided to buy a ready-made product that was carefully made by my junior.

Therefore, considering the background leading up to the birth of this model, I don't think I'll be making any changes to this jacket in the future, even though I like customization.

By the way, I'm 172 cm and 65 kg, so L size would be appropriate, but I changed to M size in a hurry.

I was able to limit the inner, but this is a good feeling again.

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Recently, I was thinking about moving to a more spacious size...

However, it seems that the vague feeling of "I want a leather jacket" that I had for many years has been somewhat resolved.


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