It's a no-holds-barred story about pockets.

There are many types of pockets that are made, so this time I will focus on one of the “double bead pockets” that is often used in leather jackets, and my favorite, the “double bead zip type”. increase.

The piping-like parts that cover ZIPPER are "balls".
There are beads on both sides of the frame, so it is called "Ryo-Tamabei".

When you want to make a pocket opening on a piece of leather, you will have to make a notch with a kitchen knife, but by adding six more steps you can make both beads.
Why is it necessary to make such a feature when it works fine just by cutting it?

Originally, this tailoring is a detail that was used for fabric clothing.
You can imagine that the fabric cut with scissors will come apart and eventually return to thread.
It wasn't good enough, so it was necessary to devise it, and the bead edge was devised.
And then, the tailors who acquired the technique later started to handle leather, and it was dropped on the leather as it was, inherited, inherited, and was established.

That's right. This tailoring can be said to be useless on leather.

In fact, notched pockets are used inBLACK STAR 's PAD bag, HFG WAIST BAG 's back pocket, and so on.

This specification, which has a thin and flat finish, is a rational, lean, smart and modest structure that takes advantage of the characteristics of leather, in a sense an ideal structure.

Well, what should we do about the significance of the existence of both beads?
By creating a picture frame, a moderate thickness and height difference are created around the ZIP, protecting the fragile metal ZIP. There are functional advantages, such as a rounder and more resilient ball that feels better to the touch than a raw cut leather cross section, but at the same time, there is also a molding appeal.
The shadows created by the unevenness of the leather, and the glittering metal glare lurking behind it, are just like the cooling fins of an air-cooled engine.

What is the appeal of leather jackets? Since I realized that one of the answers is condensed into the "double bead zip type", it has become my favorite.

Would you like to toast to the good old tailors?

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