Viva Custom!!

This is a directly managed store limited model KCR

It is also Kadoya's staff jacket, whose leather is very leather-like.

A special specification with the letters "CREW" under the leather letters KADOYA JAPAN on the back.

There are various ways to store this jacket, such as hanging it on a hanger, putting it in a locker, or hanging it on the back of a chair.

The words often said by the staff who saw the jacket

"Have you done something yet?" "Are you still wearing your sleeves?"

That's right. I've always had a habit of customizing my own...

Why? ? Looking back, we started with school bags in elementary school, then bicycles, school uniforms, motorcycles, clothing, and more...

I am often asked, "Why do you do that?"

In the first place, custom is the act of remodeling or changing the specifications of a ready-made product according to your own purpose.

I think this is enough of an answer.

There's more than that, and you can't help but do it, or rather, it's like an urge to do it...

So when I was thinking "OK, let's do it!"

There are customers who request repairs that are customized at the same time as purchasing KCR, and some factory staff have already begun to take apart...

I feel like I've been ahead of the curve...

The factory is in the middle of the busy season, but we will find some free time and proceed little by little.

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