VINTAGE Bike Race & Suit

Taste of Tsukuba (TOT) held twice a year at Tsukuba Circuit

One of the most popular is the Dover “Days of Bike and Roses” class.
Participating vehicles are also characterized by machine modifications to emphasize the atmosphere of the race.
Diameter of brake disc and front fork, steel frame, two suspensions, etc.
It is a vehicle coordinated in the style of the 1980s.

Many vintage bikes do not turn into antiques
Even now, there are people who continue to run actively and love it.
It is also a supporting class.
A machine that runs so lively that you wouldn't think it was a 30-year-old vehicle.
What kind of drama will unfold this year?

And the Dover Monster class, which will be one of the main events of TOT.
Participating vehicles are air-cooled 4-cycle 750cc or more produced up to 1982.

This is the rider "Arai" who is also one of the leading characters in this class.

Matching coloring with kawasaki Z1000MkII
One-piece jumpsuits are made to order by Head Factory.

Recently, the number of visitors to TOT has been increasing at an unprecedented rate.
In particular, the number of participants in the Dover Monster class has increased year by year.
It is one of the most popular competitions this year.

80's Rider running on the machine of those days.
Among them, the hot running of "Arai" attracts many fans.

Wearing a jumpsuit that matches the atmosphere
The appeal of motorcycles is that the rider and the vehicle are one.


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