One of the leather products that cannot be made at the main factory is "boots".

Shoemaking is a completely different world from leather jacket shops, both technically and in terms of equipment.

I have a lot of respect for people who make things that I can't make.

Especially if it's your favorite boots.

A leather jacket hanging from a hanger is cool, but boots that are just sitting there are also good.

When I was younger, I used to take 10-hole Martins and Red Wing Engineers on chairs and take meaningless photos of them with Ricoh cameras as they aged.

Most of the boots I own now are solid and don't look like they will break, so I didn't think about buying new boots, but they are attractive and stand out from the ones I've seen so far. I have met Boots.

Short boots "elefantas" released from Kadoya's new brand "ALTER KEIS"

The upper is made of one piece of seamless leather.

This is amazing, if you think about it normally, it would be wrinkled, but it is made by maximizing the leather's characteristic "stretching and holding".

When viewed from the side, the upper line is gentle and clearly different from the engineer type.

I don't know if this is the limit of the radius of a single piece of leather, or if it's just a form of design, but like the inside of the elbow in a leather jacket, horizontal wrinkles are carved with use. I can imagine.

The heel is a reproduction of the vintage sole "Cat's Paw".

The white part reminiscent of a cat's paws is not just a visual accent, but uses different rubber materials to improve grip. I'm sure I've read something like that.

Even so, the cat decoration on the heel surface that will eventually wear out is a very rich and luxurious idea.

I want to look at it for a while, but I don't hesitate to wear boots, so I don't hesitate.

The back zipper is YKK Excela. The Excela comes in double and single versions, this one is double and finished in antique silver. The main body is extremely simple, so the metal feel of the zipper stands out.

When you walk on it, the zipper pull sways and makes a pleasant sound.

A faint metallic sound from your feet reminds you of a gunman in a western movie, and walking makes you feel a little like that.

I wonder if it's just me

The weak points of engineer boots with thick shafts are the slightly loose feel and the trouble of tying the laces of laced boots.

Made in Japan!

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