[elefantas] BACK ZIP BOOTS

Isn't there a lot of people who have trouble putting on and taking off their boots?

When I take off my boots at the touring destination, I'm the only one who has trouble putting them on and taking them off...

I think there are many people who have had such an experience, but this time we will introduce new boots that will solve such problems!

Back zip boots [elefantas]

“elefantas” released by the newly developed brand [ALTER KEIS]

The simple upper, which utilizes the leather material and eliminates seams and switches, will firmly engrave the wearer's habits.

Although it is simple, it is a model that is easy to match with riding and everyday use.

Personally, I use it all the time for everyday use!

And what is [ALTER KEIS] ?

ALTERNATIVE / Challenging a new biker style, Kadoya, which was founded as a leather clothing manufacturer and has been walking with motorcycle culture, will once again fuse the world of motorcycles and fashion for the present and the future.
A product group that is conscious of fashion while maintaining functionality and mobility based on the know-how of making riding wear.
Make your motorcycle outfit more casual and free.
Add the coolness and texture of a motorcycle to your everyday outfit.
A product lineup created by avant-garde ideas while following Kadoya's history.

Easy to put on and take off with the back zip! !

[elefantas] BACK ZIP BOOTS1

And the back zip , which is the biggest feature of elephantas, makes it easy to put on and take off!

High insteps and wide legs, THE Japanese feet! As for me, it really helps a lot! !

[KADOYA] engraved on the back zip

[elefantas] The back zip is engraved with [KADOYA]

And the back zip is engraved with [KADOYA] and YKK's high-end zip [EXCELLA] is used, so it feels smooth to the touch!
It is also a part where you can feel the attention to detail.

"God is in the details..."

was used by the famous architect Mies van der Rohe, and it could apply to boots as well! !

What is the result after wearing it for 3 weeks? How familiar are you?

[elefantas] What is the result after wearing for 3 weeks? How familiar are you?

As for how long it will actually fit, the area around the ankle and the instep are starting to wrinkle nicely!

Wearing time is about 3 weeks
Of course, I wear it at work, so I think it will take a lot more time to get used to it than the general public, but I think it will continue to entertain me!

So, this time we introduced boots that are easy to put on and take off and are easy to use for both riding and everyday use!

Some sizes are already out of stock, so if you are interested, please try it at the Sendai store as soon as possible! !

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