Notice of point system change for CLUB BIKEMASTER members.

Membership cards issued at directly managed stores from June 12, 2020
has changed its point system.

In the past, tickets were issued based on the achievement of points, but now you can use the points you have as a web member on the spot.

  • 5% reduction on the purchase tax-excluded price of regular products (changes from the tax-inclusive price)
    *Repairs and refleathers are not eligible for refunds.
  • 1 point can be used in units of 1 yen (discount for points)
    *Cannot be used for discounted products.
  • The discount is based on the total amount including tax.

Points can be used for product purchases, pre-orders, and various other services. However, it cannot be used for discounted products such as bargain events.

The expiration date will be one year as before, and if there is no shopping or service usage within the period, the points will be lost.

In addition, already issued 5000P tickets can be used until the expiration date.

In addition, it can be used mutually with BIKEMASTER CLUB WEB , and points can be shared.

  • EC site registration is required to mutually use the points of the store and the EC site.

To share the points of directly managed store member "CLUB BIKEMASTER" and WEB member "BIKEMASTER CLUB WEB",

  1. Please register as a new member of Members on the EC site.
  2. After that, please come to the directly managed store with your membership card.
  3. At the checkout counter, switch from "CLUB BIKEMASTER" to "BIKEMASTER CLUB WEB" .

In addition, card member information will be deleted at the same time as switching from card member to web member.

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