It's finally December The busy December has begun.

Depending on the location, the autumn leaves, which are also a symbol of autumn, are in full bloom, but the sudden coldness makes me feel the winter air.

Now, this "air" which is a colorless, odorless, transparent mixed gas.

On the other hand, it also means a situation or atmosphere that controls people's feelings.

"Reading the atmosphere" is a common phrase these days, but each person is unique.
There are times when I feel somewhat cramped when this word is brought up.

It's a word I didn't hear much when I was growing up, so from today's kids,
I feel pity when I hear these words...

However, it may be obvious that it is a keyword in communication with groups and peers.

The air is not only oxygen etc. I feel like it's going to change.

I think the phrase "reading the atmosphere" has also become established over the course of time.

I've liked leather jackets since I was young, and I thought "Leather should be thick and hard!"
Now it's changing, saying, "It's nice to have a softness while still maintaining a moderate thickness."

What was taken for granted until yesterday can change completely.

There is always a reason for that, and I don't think everything will change all of a sudden one day.

Somehow these days I strongly feel such a change in the air even in my daily life.

・In the days when there were no mobile phones, it was an awkward situation when her father answered when she called her house...

・Ashtrays used to be everywhere. Today, when I take a break on the veranda, the sound of the window next to me slamming shut...

・"Eh! Is that the case now?"

There is no kyrie to give an example, but it will continue to change.

What changes and what stays the same. What should be changed and what should not be changed.

A theme with a high degree of difficulty that I felt with the winter air...

Change is exciting, good or bad.


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